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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I had heard of this documentary before, but hadn't had the chance to watch it until today.

All I can say is, "Wow!"

I am utterly amazed at God's creation. Both of us as humans and how our bodies work, and at the natural birth process itself.

I think this is one that is definitely worth watching, no matter what your opinions on the subject are. It does an excellent job of showing what birth used to be in America, what it still is in most of the world (even the "developed" world!), and what birth is like in America today.

Amazing, amazing, amazing.

I literally cried once or twice just watching some of those new moms. It was wonderful.

I watched it online at Amazon, but it's available for purchase too.

Please, please take a peek. No matter your opinion, it presents a clear and wonderfully done picture of a view of birthing that is no longer prevalent in the States. I also think it shows a fair view of both ways we (in the US) view birth. I love that it's firmly fact based.

Please note though, that it's not appropriate for children, not because of the acts of birth portrayed, but because there are two mothers who (in the heat of labor and in remembering being in the heat of labor) use a four letter word beginning with "f".

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