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Monday, June 15, 2009

The 5 Month Picture

Well, I am learning that, with a growing belly out in front of me, it's even more important to straighten those sholders when a picture is being taken! Otherwise, I end up looking a bit slouchy and lumpy. But, oh well! :) As my hubby says, "Wear it with pride!"

Don't mind those weeds in the background- you see, during my two weeks of "couch-rest" it became quite cool and rainy- the flowers and plants like it, and so do the weeds. My plan was to finish the weeding today, but guess what- it's raining. :P

So far everything's going great. We've ended up with about five more ultrasounds than we'd originally intended, but on the plus side the last one gave us a sweet picture of the baby's face. :) I'm still working on Pete to get them scanned into the computer to share with everyone.
(The printer/copier/scanner and I have a long running animosity towards one another. It would be best if I'm not even in the room when said scanning occurs.)

As far as "pregnancy stuff" goes, I haven't really had any "cravings" per say. I still can't stand the taste of ground turkey, which was my main staple of protein before pregnancy, so that can cause the need for a little creativity once in awhile. I've been eating a little more beef, but I can still tell that it's much harder on my system to digest. Makes me reeeeeaaaalllllllly sleepy. On the plus side though, I may have discovered a difference in how organic vs. non-organic beef affects me- yesterday we had organic beef burgers at a friend's house, and I was kind of tired that afternoon, but no stomach cramping or any of the other yucky symptoms I usually get when eating beef. They were yummy, too!
(And, the tiredness could very well have been attributed to the nice long walk we all went on before gospel meeting- I need to get back to some semblance of an exercise routine again!)

I will admit, when it comes to the food thing, I get hankerings every now and then for decidedly unhealthy food. For example, I've come to have quite a fondness for Casey's pizza (one of the gas station chains in our parts). I can't explain it- these things just happen. And also, yesterday the burgers reminded me of my favorite little burger joint in Ames, B-Bop's! Terribly greasy and fattening, completely unhealthy, and yet the best burgers and fries in Iowa! Next time I visit that neck of the woods I'm headed there. Just once. Because I miss it so. ;)

Other than all that, this pregnancy is going extremely well. Even though we've had so many misscariages in the past I'm, very thankfully, not classified as a "high risk" pregnancy. It's so nice, after all that we've been through in the last 4 years, to just be able to sit back and enjoy the ride so-to-speak. I'm learing to deal with the fact that pregnancy isn't exactly as I expected it to be (ha- my body now has a mind of its own- completely and totally and there's nothing I can do about it!), but that's okay. Our baby girl is healthy and strong, and always a week bigger than they're expecting. :) So, we're doing just fine.