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Friday, October 24, 2008

Life of the Party

Tuesday night- awwww, her first (possibly only, haha!) Trick or Treat picture!
We stopped at Petsmart to pick up a few things on the way home with Ceiba,
and they were doing some sort of pet Trick or Treating.
I went to use the restroom, came back and Pete looked at me and said,
"They just took her. I had nothing to do with it."

Apparently they, too, found her irresistibly cute. :)

Due to the aforementioned Pet Trick or Treat night, we were given a bag full
of miscellaneous pet treats. The Complete Meal Bone was thoroughly enjoyed
as a welcome-the-new-baby-home-big-sister gift by Koa.

Last night (Thursday, night 3 with the new poochie), she finally found her voice.
She and Koa had a ball chasing each other around.
I forgot how much little puppies "hop"!
It was soooo cute- had Pete and I cracking up. :)
I wish I'd had the camera close by- they were really into some sort of hide-and-seek-peek-a-boo-growl-and-hop-around-at-you game.

A sweet "sister" moment.

Her tininess just kills me!
She was the 'runt' of the litter, and her mom was smaller yet than Koa is now.
We're hoping she stays kind of on the smallish side. ;)

Whoever Said "Sleeping Like a Baby" Was a Good Thing?

As with most new 'babies', sleep becomes sacred.
She actually has been sleeping wonderfully through the night,
but little miss Ceiba has yet to learn that 5:00 a.m.
(when "daddy" gets up to go to work)
is not playtime.

It's go-out-to-pee-then-go-back-to-bed-time!

Koa, on the other hand, has never
(since leaving her puppy-hood behind her)
had a problem with this.
She, like her "mommy", loves to sleep.

Not the new one!
At least, not at 5:00 a.m.
Or 6:00 a.m., or 7:00 a.m.

No- she wants to play!

But then, after that wonderful early morning romp,
she decides it's time to catch some z's.

So, again I ask, who said sleeping like a baby was a good thing?
Some of the positions she falls asleep in look more like torture to me than relaxed comfort,
but, hey, as long as she's sleeping.........


Thursday, October 23, 2008

What We've Been Up To, Part 1

Painting the Playroom
(and creating a little place in the house that I LOVE!):

In the beginning, there was a purple...

and blue playroom.

The daycare became down-sized, and the decision was made:
make a room that would make the someday-mommy-t0-be very very happy!

There was much painting.

Much, much painting.

And, Finito!

Half playroom, half office for me.
I love it! :)

My scrapbooking area.
Finally. Big happy sigh. :)

My desk and office area.
I've simplified my daycare program a lot, but I still need to do paperwork and what-not every once in a while.
(I LOVE my red chair! Thanks Eme!)

The playroom side.
I love those alphabet flower cards!
They, and the nice warm yellow walls, make it so cheery.

What We've Been Up To, Part 2

Catching Up on the Gardens:

My very bestest friend, Sarah, spent a whole week with me not that very long ago!
She saw the terrible, awful, horrible state of my gardens and 'dug' right in. :)

The weeds were hanging on tight (sigh, don't they always?).
My little daycare buddy helped out too.
(Yes, I was in there just as much, but you can't take pictures and weed at the same time!) ;)

Such a cutie. :)
He loves to work away in the gardens with me.

And, ok, this back corner garden never quite got finished, but oh well.
Spring offers us all a fresh start, right? :)

What We've Been Up To, Part 3

Getting Ready to Roof
(In the Spring)
(if it doesn't leak before then...):

The current state of affairs.
Baaaad. Real Bad.
The entire south side of our roof currently looks like this.

Step One: Tear out the chimney.
This will (in theory) make the actual roofing done in the spring go faster.
(Notice the north side of our roof. Two totally different situations goin' on here!)

Perching (very carefully) on the peak.
I was in and out of the house during all this-
I have this serious 'thing' about heights.
My palms were sweating and cramping just looking at him up there.
Plus, it is apparently very annoying to a person working on a project to be repeatedly reminded to be careful. Who knew? :)

And it begins.

The idea was to slide the bricks down the chute and into the trailer...


Pete developed a system:
Chip away at the chimney and let the pieces slide down the chute
(designed and constructed by Pete himself)
to the trailer below.

It was a sound theory.
However, bricks do bounce, despite popular belief.
Thankfully no windows or vehicles were harmed in the making of this project!

Still chipping away...

All Done...Until Spring...We Hope (oh please, please do not leak!)

Almost done...

It's piling up- apparently there was more to it than could be seen!

Covering up the hole in the roof.
Now, let's just hope it lasts till spring!
(Don't leak, don't leak, don't leak...)

Awww, such a happy camper!
He's ALWAYS joyful when it comes to home improvements.
(...HA! HA, HA!) :)

Project completed!

What We've Been Up To, Part 4

Building a New Outdoor Play Area:

We rented a sod cutter and got busy cutting and rolling all the sod for the area.

Koa wasn't a fan of the loud noise from the sod cutter,
but she did enjoy playing in the "sod mountain" we built!

Who says girls ain't got muscles?! :)

Ugh- they were really heavy though.


Manly men! Rolling up the sod.

Scooping up the left-overs.
Our backs were sore and stiff that night!

Look at those pipes! :)
Those rolls were heavy!

Pete's friend from work needed a bunch of sod for his yard.
Did we have a deal for him! :)

Continued More...

All the sod out, and one post in.

Making progress...

Making more progress...

Putting on the finishing touches.

And a quick acrobatics show.


Spreading out the woodchips.
(I helped, I promise! I just had to take some breaks- you know, to take pictures!) :)

LOOK at all those empty cedar mulch bags!
We got it all done just as the dark was closing in.

By the time we were finished we were filthy, tired, and very sore.
We let Pizza Hut cook for us.
We ordered a ton of food, and we ate it all too! :)

I (ahem!) was behind on the dishes, and we ran out of plates-
so Sarah offered (very happily, I might add) to use a platter.
Hehe! :)

The finished product!
I've got more in store for it, definitely, but it's looking good!