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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Newest Member of the Family!

Meet Ceiba!

She's our new sweetie. :)
I've been wanting another puppy
(kind of like 'baby fever' for a second child- at least for someone who'd rather have kids, but is settling, right now anyway, for dogs...)- but Pete kept saying no.

Well, the last few weeks have been rough, to say the least- waiting for test results, worrying, waiting, just plain feeling really, really down- and he surprised me last night with...a new puppy!

I was so excited when he gave me the news! Apparently he searched the Humane Society on Saturday too, without letting on, but didn't find anything, and then found the ad in the paper this week for Ceiba and her siblings.

So, last night we took a little road trip into Nebraska a ways, and picked up our new "baby". She's a true "mutt", but she does have a lot of Weimaraner and Lab in her. The mother was the sweetest, friendliest little thing. Ceiba seemed to be one of the smaller puppies, so maybe she'll stay that way? :) So incredibly adorable!

Koa's sort of getting used to having a "baby sister" around- she gets possessive every now and then of "her" stuff, but most of the time she just wants to play. I don't think she's figured out yet if this new pup is some sort of new squeaky toy, or another dog that's here to stay. Hopefully they'll get along really well as the days go by.
(We've also heard that introducing a second dog can have a calming effect on a hyper first-dog, so we're hoping we see some of that!)

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