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Thursday, October 23, 2008

What We've Been Up To, Part 3

Getting Ready to Roof
(In the Spring)
(if it doesn't leak before then...):

The current state of affairs.
Baaaad. Real Bad.
The entire south side of our roof currently looks like this.

Step One: Tear out the chimney.
This will (in theory) make the actual roofing done in the spring go faster.
(Notice the north side of our roof. Two totally different situations goin' on here!)

Perching (very carefully) on the peak.
I was in and out of the house during all this-
I have this serious 'thing' about heights.
My palms were sweating and cramping just looking at him up there.
Plus, it is apparently very annoying to a person working on a project to be repeatedly reminded to be careful. Who knew? :)

And it begins.

The idea was to slide the bricks down the chute and into the trailer...