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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


We were going to wait until we were through the 12th week to share our news (we'll be 10 weeks along on Thursday of this week), but I've been feeling really sick so far (it's slowly starting to improve) and I just got to feeling so bad for Pete- he's constantly have to make excuses for my not being somewhere these days.
We had an ultrasound, saw the baby (the little heart was just beating away), and got to hear the heartbeat when our midwife came for our 9 week visit (she was shocked- she said it's extremely rare to be able to hear the heart beating using just the Doppler that early on), and the M.D.s say that the risk of miscarriage drops to a very low rate (something like 3-5%) once the heartbeat has been confirmed. We've also heard that women who experience morning sickness (not an accurate name for the around the clock nausea I've been experiencing) are less likely to miscarry than those who don't get sick. So, there's the silver lining. :)
So, we decided, what the heck, we're telling!
We're due October 23rd, and we're hoping for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Still Here. (Technically.)

Just an update to let those of you wondering know that, yes, I'm still alive.
I'm still here, just feeling under the weather these days.
Hopefully I'll be back soon with miscellaneous pictures and updates on life.
Until then, here's to hoping you'll see lots more spring days, like we are today-
sunny and 65.