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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


We were going to wait until we were through the 12th week to share our news (we'll be 10 weeks along on Thursday of this week), but I've been feeling really sick so far (it's slowly starting to improve) and I just got to feeling so bad for Pete- he's constantly have to make excuses for my not being somewhere these days.
We had an ultrasound, saw the baby (the little heart was just beating away), and got to hear the heartbeat when our midwife came for our 9 week visit (she was shocked- she said it's extremely rare to be able to hear the heart beating using just the Doppler that early on), and the M.D.s say that the risk of miscarriage drops to a very low rate (something like 3-5%) once the heartbeat has been confirmed. We've also heard that women who experience morning sickness (not an accurate name for the around the clock nausea I've been experiencing) are less likely to miscarry than those who don't get sick. So, there's the silver lining. :)
So, we decided, what the heck, we're telling!
We're due October 23rd, and we're hoping for a healthy pregnancy and baby.


Nikki said...

CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS!!! So happy for you guys!

Erica said...

HEY SIS!!!!!!!!!
SECRETS KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS We should probably plan on July or Aug for mat. pics.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! There's not an experience like it in all of this world! We're going to bookmark your site so we can check in on you! Love, Bob and Ang

Kathy Krohn said...

As one of the happy Grandparents,
all I can say is WooHoo :o)
Eric and I are thrilled and so
excited !!!! I agree with Erica...
keeping that secret was killing me!

Love you both,

Anonymous said...

Congrats! How awesome. I have been praying that the adoption process would go fast for the two of you. God works in wondrous ways. My neighbor is due the end of June and she has my maternity clothes. I will pass them onto you if you would like them after she is done. In fact I wish I knew a day earlier because I just gave them to her yesterday ... oops. That is so awesome for the two of you. I'm very excited! If you find out what the baby is before the birth ... ie boy I have a ton of clothes that I'm selling at a garage sale.

Christy, Jason & the boys


We're so happy for you too! Hope all goes well! xx

Bob&Julie said...

We are so excited to be Aunt & Uncle again! Remember we love to babysit and we are very close by!

Wifey said...

Pete and Jenni,

That is absolutely wonderful news! I was expecting an adoption announcement, not a "Hey we're pregnant!"

Hope it made all that poking and prodding worth it. :) Hang in there. I think for most women the sickness goes away around 12-13 weeks. I was lucky and never got too sick at all.

I'm very excited. Hope to see you when we visit mom and sis. If you ever wanna chat pregnant stuff email me or call me. :oD


Jessica said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting! So that is where you were the other Sunday ;) We missed you!

Lani said...

Awesome news! We're so excited for you guys!!! Hugs.

Mariah said...

I know I can't completely relate to what you're going through, but I'm so happy for you both! You've put so much time and energy into this (among other things :D) and you deserve this!

Many many many congrats and wish you the best! Keep us all updated!

ruth said...

Congradulations!!! We are looking for little Mason in June...and real suprise to all of us ... we are excited as I know you are..

Jennifer said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone!!! :) Pete and I are thrilled (ahem, obviously!). So far everything is going really well. We're hoping things will stay that way!

Jenni & Pete

Sarah & Ryan said...

Just want to add to the congratulations and let you know that we are excited for you!

Amy Van Loon said...

Hi Pete and Jenni!
Your Mom told us yesterday that she got to go along to your 3 month ultrasound'll have to let us know how it went!! ;-} Thinkin' aboutcha!

Amy,Lavern,and Lillian

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Amy! :) The ultrasound went great today- everything where it's supposed to be, and Baby was kicking and twisting all around! :)

Nicole Spring (Frontier Dreams) said...

CONGRATS!!!! How wonderful!!!!

Thank you for your sweet words on my post Friday :)