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Friday, April 3, 2009

Just Look At All the Love!

Okay, first off, here are some (ahem!...extremely blurry) pictures of Baby.

This first one was taken just around two or so weeks ago.

A tiny, blurry blob, but with a strong heartbeat!

Next, we have Baby, just about two weeks later-
even though there's still a lot of blurriness going on, LOOK how much he/she's changed!

This is a side view (unfortunately, my new-to-me printer/copier/scanner and I do not get along, so taking pictures of a picture was the best I could do here.)- you can see Baby's leg and foot, and his/her little fist up in the air (kind of near the nose area).

Baby was really kicking and wiggling, which was a thrill to see.

And now, the love begins! (Well, the love from others that is.)

Right off the bat a great friend gave me her maternity clothes!
How great is that, really? :)

She also found the cutest little coat for Baby- it will be October when this little one arrives, you know- we will definitely be needing a coat.

I love the teddy bear ears.

One of the future grandmas got in on the action too- a sweet frame for Baby's "first portrait" (the ultrasound pictures now have a proud place to be displayed),

And the tiniest little booties I think I've ever seen!
I'm telling you, I hope these fit, cause it looked to me like this kid is going to have big feet!

But, the party's not over yet!

Today the sweetest care package showed up at my door-
my very bestest sister in law sent the following:

Operating Instructions for me ;),

A very important book for Pete!,

Some tea for relaxation,

Bubble bath bound to turn an overtired and cranky baby (or wait, is that mommy...) into a sweet and smiling one (complete with bubble wand- I love it),

Some great organic soft yarn to make... something... for baby-kins,

And, my personal favorite, an Anti-Nausea Music Prescription cd!
I can't wait to hear it. :)

A little bird has also told me that the other grandma-to-be has a care package
consisting of some very needed just-beginning-maternity clothing
(since, ahem, even though Baby isn't "showing" yet, I'm not quite fitting into my regular clothes right now)
for special meetings (thank you!!!) and a baby outfit on the way,
AND that one of the grandpas-to-be found some mysterious, cute, "something" that is to be
"for the baby's room".

So, this little one is already getting spoiled. :)

As for me, I'm (knock on wood!!!) ever so slowly starting to feel a little better every few days.
I'm hoping that by special meeting time I'm going to be (at least mostly) back to "normal"-
although I have a sneaking suspicion that "normal" is going to become something different than it ever was before.

And, I have to say, we're looking forward to that. :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sighs of Relief, And- Bleck!!!

We had our second early ultrasound today- first thing this morning to be exact.

You see, the new doctor's office
(we've made the switch from the big hospital to a smaller hospital and nearby/attached Dr.s office)
was supposed to do it yesterday afternoon- you know, when we arranged our schedules especially to get off work early and get it done.

But there was a hitch in the plan.

Although they told me we had our ultrasound appointment scheduled, they did not, in fact, apparently remember to schedule it.

But, I digress.

ANYWAY, we did the ultrasound this morning, and Baby looks great! :)

It was such a relief to see him/her kicking and wiggling around, to see the heart still beating just as strongly as it's supposed to, and especially to have him/her measure in at a week further in growth than expected (big relief to me especially, since I haven't been able to eat the way I'd like to- j u s t s o n a u s e a t e d...)!

So, even though I "tossed my cookies" for the first (and hopefully last) time this pregnancy today, life is looking good.

We got a whole string of pictures printed for us
(posting of which will follow soon, hopefully, if I can get that all figured out),
and Pete, being the proud papa, took one to work to show off to the guys. :)