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Monday, December 8, 2008

Nice. Real nice.

I generally try to keep this blog as my "happy place" but, as you can see, we were vandalized this morning.

Sometime between 9:30 and 10:45 this morning, in broad daylight, right on Main Street (the main "drag" through town), not caring about being seen or reported by any of the surrounding homes or businesses, some very nice person apparently drove their large vehicle or truck at a fast enough speed into our mail box to completely destroy it.

They must have been coming on at a really good clip, because I had to pick up that largest wooden piece a good twenty feet away, in my driveway.

It's nearly impossible to see in that last picture, but there are tire marks up on the curb/lawn area.

I can see teenagers "joy riding" at night, out in the country, smashing up mailboxes- not that I approve in the least, but I can see it happening.
But, to actually run one down with your vehicle, in town, in the middle of the morning, broad daylight, lots of houses around, several businesses close by, on a street that gets constant traffic- that feels personal. Like someone was wanting to make some kind of point.

It's been reported, so we'll see if things go anywhere.

Again- nice. Real nice.

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