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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Daycare Highlights 2008

Since I'm aiming at a much more handmade holiday this year, I decided to make my main presents for my two daycare kids too.

I made my sweet girl a rainbow colored scarf...

And my cute boy two felted balls from wool yarn.

So far we have decorated cookies every year. This year was no exception- except that I made the cookies in advance to give us more time for a new holiday activity
(which you'll see in a minute).

While I made supper the kids watched "Jack Frost"- a classic (since 1979) holiday movie that I hadn't heard of until this year.

For supper we cut cookie cutter shapes out of bread and made french toast! (Thanks for that great idea, mom!) It was fun and so good too. We had french toast, turkey bacon (crispy, thankyouverymuch!), blueberries and blackberries, and milk for supper.

Then we opened our gifts. Always the best part, right? :D

After that was the new activity- one I'd heard of but had never done before.

We made cranberry/popcorn garlands and dried orange slice ornaments to decorate our little outdoor tree for the birds! It was so fun that I'm hoping to make it a holiday tradition.

After the decorating was done, we warmed ourselves up with some homemade hot chocolate. Yum! We each had a left over sugar cookie, and a Christmas decorated doughnut.

Then we kicked back and read stories on the couch till their daddies came to pick them up.

Such a fun night with two of my favorite kids of all time! :D



Sure sounds like a fun time :-) What lucky little daycare kids! :-)

Nikki said...

Such fun! I'm going to try the outdoor tree decorations if I can find a tree to put them on at this late date. Thanks for a great idea, and looks like you had a great time.

Lani said...

Oh... you had fun, fun, fun. What a nice evening you gave them. Loving the popcorn cranberry garland. Nice.