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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Greeting the Season

I would love to be the type of woman who's home, both inside and out, looks picture perfect and lovely and decorated for each season. You know, like a page out of a magazine. I, indeed, know a few women who somehow manage to pull this off and are even still lovely people that you would enjoy spending time with! (wink, wink)

But, hey, reality check!, this is ME we're talking about here, so that will never happen!

(Not only because I don't have the budget for it, but also because, in general, as a person, I am an unorganized mess!)

ANYWAY, I did get into the season a bit more this year- and I'm finding that I like it! Plus, I think it will be good for me to keep some "pretty" going on 'round here- otherwise I have a tendency to get SAD. So, now we are ready to meet the Season of Snow head on (well, kind of, I mean, this is winter we're talking about- how prepared can you get for cold, ice, and blizzards?).

Here's what you would see if you came over to my house.
(Although, if you ARE coming over to my house, please call first- you see, the great thing about photography is that you can crop out what you don't want seen- namely, the horrible mess that my house typically is!)

(And, yes, that orange blobby thing in the top left corner of this photo IS my pumpkin "display", left over from Halloween. What! I told you I was unorganized! I'm going to get rid of them soon- today I think. It's just that it's COLD outside...)

So, Season's Greetings! :D


Nikki said...

It looks great, and I"m jealous!

Lani said...

Hee. My pumpkins are still out, too, I noticed today. Thank goodness for cropping. You're way ahead of my, girl. Decorations are cute... festive.