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Monday, December 8, 2008

Knitting Fever

Nikki and I had our very first knitting class on Saturday, and I have to say, I think I'm hooked!

We're starting off with a "Booga Bag".

(heehee, "Booga, Booga!"- I love saying that.)

I chose red yarn and a gray yarn with multi colored flecks, lots of them a matching red, in it.

We bought our needles and yarn- yikes! I thought when the lady said "$10.00" that meant per class, for a total of $30.00 for the entire class and project.

But, I was mistaken. The needles, metal circular ones that are really nice for beginners, apparently, and are great at holding the yarn in place, were around $22.00, the yarn (4 skeins) was around $30.00, and the class itself was $10.00. For a grand total of $62.00.


But, now our supplies have been purchased, so I'm guessing it will only be $10.00 each time for our next two classes. Still, it would have been nice if that had been mentioned somewhere on the website. Oh well!

It was a lot of fun, and I'm picking up on it a lot faster than I expected!
(Yay, me!)

Here's my class project as of now (sorry for the poor picture quality, the flash was just not agreeing with the yarn- waaay too glary), still on the needles because I don't know how to "cast off" yet. This will be the bottom of my Booga Bag.
(hehe, "Booga, Booga!!!")

Saturday, my first day of knitting EVER!, I made plenty of mistakes.

It's hard to see, but holding up the section I knit you can see several holes on the bottom portion. Oops. :D

I went just a little too far (put in a couple rows too many I think), so I'll need Susan (the Yarn Lady) to show me how to fix that. Since I have to wait until Saturday again to learn more, I decided to practice what I already know, just so I don't lose it all. I might be knitting just a bit too much though, because I find myself playing the stitch over and over in my mind. It's like mental knitting! :D

Here's what I'm working on as a practice piece. Can you guess what it is? :D

My stitches are looking much better now. Yay!

Plus, a sneek peak at something for the holidays! Shhh! Don't tell! :D

And, since I got to see my bestest buddy this weekend for a wedding, she gave me some new reading material. "The Friday Night Knitting Club"- she thought it was fitting, as I've just discovered a new passion. I haven't cracked it open yet (too busy knitting, you know), but it looks like it'll be a good one!

Happy Monday!

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