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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


What Are Your Favorites?

1. Favorite book? Ever? Probably "Anne of Green Gables".

2. Food? Hmm, this is a tough one. Maybe pizza?

3. Item of clothing? Sweats! Warm and fuzzy ones.

4. Hairstyle? Out of my face.

5. Beverage? Maybe hot cocoa.

6. Facial tissue? Kleenex brand, or Puffs without the lotion.

7. Place to sit? In a big comfy chair.

8. Person? Pete, my hubby. :D

9. Animal? My two puppies.

10. House? My favorite house ever? Well, this one's probably a tie- there's one just outside of Grimes along the highway, and there's one on the very edge of Pierson. Both of them are big and white, and combined together in certain ways would make up my dream house.

11. Smell? Um, non-food would be my perfume (Ralph), food would be something like steak or pizza cooking. Oh, and I couldn't forget CHOCOLATE. :)

12. Activity? Well, I'm not a big "action" kind of girl, so it'd be something calm like reading or scrapbooking. I know, I'm boring.

13. Color? RED!!!

14. Day of the week? Friday

15. Time of day? Lunch time, or mid-afternoon.

16. Hot thing? Maybe (just to get off the food thing), a nice hot shower?

17. Cold thing? Ice cream!

18. Game? Umm, any fun board game. Preferably one that I'm good at. :D

19. Hobby? Oooh. Scrapbooking or (very amateur) photography. I've also just started knitting and am liking that.

20. Season? Fall.

And, if you've read mine, I tag YOU to go do this one too! :D

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