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Friday, December 5, 2008

She Got Me

Okay, so because I went and read a certain someone's blog, I got TAGGED! ;)

That's okay though, because I LOVE this kinda thing.

So, here it is: The 4 Tag
(I'm giving it a name, because I don't know what the actual name is- or if there is an actual name.)

Directions: Go to your 4th picture folder, post the 4th picture there, and tell us 4 things about it.

1. This picture is of the SOLD sign for my bestest buddy's FIRST house ever!

2. I have this picture in my picture folder because I had just gotten my camera not long before and hadn't learned to delete anything yet.

3. I also have this picture on my camera because it was my "job" to be the picture taker the weekend we helped them move. Then I was supposed to send them the pictures of the move.

4. This tag has now reminded me to send them the pictures from their move.


TAG! You're it!
(unless you've already done this one recently...)

1 comment:

Lani said...

I "owe" a few people pictures, too. When am I ever going to have time to get 'er done? *sigh*