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Monday, December 1, 2008

A Very Doggy Thanksgiving

I'm back!

Hope everyone had a very happy Thanksgiving.

We had LOTS to do in order to get ready for our Thanksgiving travels this year-
getting the ingredients together for the making of various dishes for the big feast,
driving hurriedly to Sioux City to pick up last minute items,
thanking kind police officers on the way home from Sioux City for giving warnings instead of tickets, (driving the rest of the way home from Sioux City at a calmer pace),
packing the overnight bags,
getting all dog related items together,


(Ceiba attempting to escape the tub- I was laughing so hard at the time of the picture that she actually DID manage the first escape attempt.)

(Ceiba making it clear that she IS NOT a fan of bath time. NOT A FAN. DID YOU HEAR ME? NOT A FAN, MOM.)

(A very happy little fluff ball- the tail was wagging uncontrollably due the fact that she was now OUT of the tub.)

(Koa, being told to "sit" after her bath. Apparently MY drying job was just not enough. Every time I said, "Sit." she would literally throw herself back down onto the towel and wallow around like a crazed pig in mud. I wish I had video. Seriously.)

(Finishing off the bribe treats. I have only ever given Koa a bath in the actual tub once or twice before in her life. Why, you may ask? Because it is literally like full body wrestling! Koa actually did pretty well this time- it was Ceiba that I had to be wary of. That little furball was a handful. I needed about two more arms in order to 1- keep her in the tub, 2- actually wash her, and 3- keep her in the tub. This is a full contact sport. I was drenched.)

(Prim and proper in her new "Bling Bling" collar for family pictures. "Who me? I was a handful just minutes ago in the tub?! No, you surely must be speaking of a different little fuzzy brown puppy...")

(Lookin' spiffy! Got the nice jingle bell collar on for family pictures, and a big 'ol doggy smile because she knows we're about to go for a RIDE!)

(Peek-a-b00. Still a bit nervous traveling in the car.)

(Koa, on the other hand, would gladly drive if Pete would let her. She's so sly too- she crawls another inch forward every 15 minutes for the entire trip to see if she can eventually make it all the way into his lap- while he drives.)

(Awwww. Zonked out.)

(Awwww. Looking as cute as possible so daddy will take pity on her and let her sit in the front. Might I add that, in the car, Koa has absolutely no interest in me, whatsoever. I call her to come up front and, every time, she does- right onto Pete's lap. Not even a glance MY way. Humf.)

(Papa got his little grand-doggies a gift. Yummy chewie bones!)

(Mmmmm, shlurp, shlurp! Good stuff. Thanks Papa!)


Lani said...

Cute, cute puppies! I have something ironic to share with you. Guess who my new boss is? Ray Schmidt! Know him? ;) I happened to be looking through old pictures and came across the pictures I took at your wedding yesterday afternoon. Saw Ray in one of them so asked him what the connection was on my first day on the job today. Small world, huh?

Jennifer said...

Do you mean Ray Hansen? I can't place a Ray Schmidt... :S


Lani said...

Yes, Ray Hansen. My bad. Where did I come up with Schmidt? Weird. Small world, no?

Lani said...

Yes, Ray Hansen. Where did I get Schmidt? Weird. Cute puppy pictures, by the way.

Jennifer said...

Oh, yes- Ray's family and ours go waaaay back! :D Great guy! My sister and I were over at their house almost as much as we were at home. You'll have to tell him I said hi! :D