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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Family Members

My little sister, Erica, and her husband got PIGS!

Guinea pigs, that is.

Oh, how it brings back memories of "Miss Frizzle" our beloved guinea pig from childhood.

Hey now! Stop that laughing you family members out there!

It was an ACCIDENT people, an ACCIDENT!!!

('s a long and painful story- granted, it was probably mostly just painful for Miss Frizz, but still, I felt bad. Really bad. Oh, the scars we carry from childhood.)

ANYhoo, here they are- still waiting to be named! :D

Welcome to the family little oinkers!


Lani said...

Cute. Hmmm... and do I smell a story that needs tellin'? Fess up.

Jennifer said...

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I committed involuntary manslaughter (rodent-slaughter?). *Sniff, sniff. I was a teenager, it was summer, I wanted to sleep in. I heard her oinking and thought instead of waking up enough to get her some grub I'd put her & outside in the shade to munch some grass. Let's just say that, by the time I actually woke up, the shady spot hadn't been shady for quite a while. Poor, poor, piggy.