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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I Need Input!

Okay, what do you all think?

My little sister, the professional photographer, took pictures for us at Thanksgiving.

(It's so GREAT to have a photographer in the immediate family! Yay! Lifetime supply of great, affordable pictures- woohoo!!!)

Which one should we go with for our "family" picture this year?

Number 1:

Number 9:

Number 10:


Sarah said...

Is there any way of making them bigger? Me in my old age is having a hard time seeing them. If not that's okay, I vote for number 1 (as far as I can tell :D).

Nikki said...

I like #1, I think. It's very hard to tell because they're so SMALL! I tried opening with microsoft photo editor but then the resolution isn't so great. They're all cute. Ceiba sure is photogenic!

Jennifer said...

I know, they are small! Grrr. Couldn't figure out how to make them bigger without taking up the entire page. I'm so technically challenged. I think I'm liking number 1 the best too. :D

Lani said...

I think #1, but I like that in #10 you can see all of everyone, too.