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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WIP Wednesday: Children's Cloth Napkins

Today began a project of necessity.

We ran out of napkins.

In fact, we (Pete, the daycare kids, and I) had been using "Happy Birthday" napkins for quite some time because I, in all my baby-brainedness always forget some important item that should be added to the grocery list.

Like napkins. An item I've been forgetting to buy on a regular basis these days.

Pete and I often use cloth napkins anyway (they're easy to wash, and there always seems to be a load of laundry going in anyway- and I somehow feel a little guilty going through so many paper ones, just to throw them out all the time), but the adult sized napkins are too much for little hands to handle.

Trust me- we've tried it, and end up with them going in and through the food, as well as across the faces and hands. More of a mess than we began with! :)

"So", I thought to myself, "I'll just cut some out today while the kids are napping, and stitch them together real quick sometime later tonight."

And, sure enough, I found just the thing in the bags and bags of shared "stash" fabric from my mom (and business partner).

Since most of my little ones right now are boys, I grabbed some of the trains, cars/trucks/vehicles, and zoo animal prints, my trusty quilter's square, and slick little rotary cutter.


8 1/2 in. by 8 1/2 in. squares of cotton fabric ready to be matched together and sewn.

My very first Work In Progress (WIP) Wednesday! :)

Look for them (and cloth wipes!!!) soon in the shop!


Erica said...

great idea I love it.

Jane said...

Can I order some directly from you? I don't like the big ones either and me and my sewing machine don't get along. ;-D

Jennifer said...

Sure, Jane! :) These are pretty small though- they end up being something like 8in. by 8in.

Erica said...

You guys should make the little kid hoodies there are pics of them Here!

Sarah said...

You are so clever!