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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Help! We're Being Attacked!!!

By "Murphy" and his/her "law".


Current list:

-Dryer is dead. Price to fix it is almost what a new one will cost. Hmmm, perhaps we should price clotheslines?

-Printer is possessed by demons. We've given up the fight against them. Do not have the extra cash to buy a new one right now. Headed to the library on a regular basis these days to pay 10 cents a page for copying and printing.

-Taxes (that we had to file an extension on) are due at the end of the month, and we still haven't had the chance to get started. Darn to morning sickness, crazy work schedules, and appliances breaking down!

-The bedroom remodel project is still un-started. Darn to the same things listed above!

So, any extra peace and tranquility vibes you've got laying around would be much appreciated if you sent them our way! :)

(10 weeks- or less?- to go today!!!)


Sarah said...

Remedy #1 - Jay and I have two printers that we are planning on getting rid of. One is a black and white laser printer (in very nice condition), second is a canon ink also in good condition.

Remedy #2 - I am still planning on coming up for a long visit in a couple of weeks so maybe we can start on that room or least get it prepared (cleaning, scraping, sanding, etc.).

Breathe my friend, breathe!
Love you!

Jennifer said...


Yes- PLEASE have Jay tell Pete about the printers. We desperately need a new one- this one is a hand-me-down and DOES NOT WORK. Grrr.

I can't wait till you come up! HOPEFULLY, our room will be done (or at least in progress) by then!

Love ya,

Erica said...

Get a laser black and white printer. We have had ours for like 2 years and have not had to refill it once. Remember that Ikea delivers and that space is worth more than the stuff. :)

As Mom would say "this to shall pass"