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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bring on the Remodeling!!!

(A very BIG sigh of relief.)

Finally, finally, finally our 2008 taxes are done.
(Yes. I did just say "2008".)

I think I've mentioned before that we filed for an extension this year due to various reasons.
The main reason being that we are just not organized people, and are both prone to procrastination.

Ugh. (Blushing of embarassment.)

Anyway, getting the tax thing done has been our biggest road block to getting a start on remodeling our bedroom.

And, I have been stressing out not being able to do my pregnant-mama nesting thing to get my (and the baby's) space ready because of it!

But now, all will soon be right (or right-er) with the world!


Tonight folks, yes- I said TONIGHT- the clearing of the bedroom (currently in use as an office/spare room/catch-all room) begins!

(Can you hear me screaming of joy all the way through the computer???)

The window is ordered (yes, we're going down to the wall studs here, people!) and will be arriving in about two weeks.

Just enough time (keep those fingers- and toes!- crossed) to get the rest of the room cleared, "demo-ed", and new sub-flooring (?) & drywall in!

It should all come together nicely (she says while knocking on wood).

I'll do my best to post pictures as we make our way through this project.
(I am so excited! I can hardly focus- at last, one room that will be just how I'd like it, pretty, and my very own just-so little sanctuary!!!)

Would you like to see what we're starting with?
*On one condition- you must not judge! I promise (promise, promise, promise) the way this room currently stands is NOT indicitive of the rest of our home!*



Here it is.

(This was a second doorway that was originally in this room when we moved into the house. It led into the bathroom. I guess in case you had to get up in the middle of the night to use the "facilities"? A short cut? There was also a second doorway for the bathroom itself. It was a maze of doorways. A plethora of doorways. So, we took it out. Notice that we weren't able to "cover it up" before the plaster started to fall apart?)

(The only window in the room. Poor thing. It's a nice, sunny, south window, but it's literally falling out of the side of our house. Pete and I hold our breath any time we need to open it. And, I make him do it- that way, if it does fall completely out, I have time to run and hide before the "aftermath". The entire lower right corner of the window- sash and all- comes away from the side of the house. Seriously, it's not even attached anymore. It's not good. Not good at all.)

(More plaster that has avalanched it's way off the wall at various times throughout this past year.)

(And, the closet. I will never understand the construction of some of these old homes. The biggest bedroom in the house, and it holds the smallest closet in the entire house. Ridiculous.)

(And, no over-head light. You see, the wiring in our cozy old home was, apparently, all "hand-done". Meaning, in our attic- when my dear husband went up there to add some wiring to the dining room ceiling in order to install an actual light (can you imagine?!- sorry, a little sarcasm there- apparently all previous owners enjoyed the dimness of lamp light throughout the house), he found that all of the wiring, for our entire house, was electrical taped together.
I am not exaggerating.
So, when the wiring to the light fixture "blew" in this room last year sometime, we didn't even bother trying to fix it- it's going to take a total re-haul.)

So, that's that.

At least, for now...

Wish us luck!



Erica said...

I can't wait for the new window that one is really drafty.

Melissa Pennington said...

OOOOHHH SO exciting! I love starting new projects! Especially one as fun as a baby room! Hope the remodeling goes smoothly for you guys!
Here's an AWESOME baby decorating blog that I can't help much cute stuff you can make yourself. Thought you might enjoy it!

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Melissa! I love that site- so great! I have to see pictures of other people's lovely homes to get ideas about what to do with ours- I'm a total copycat. :) After seeing that tree on the baby's wall I'm going to look around for one for Regan's room too. :)