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Monday, August 31, 2009


Today I decided to make cookies for convention.

I was only planning on bringing spelt bread this year, but I found this awesome "fall" recipe while I was browsing over at The Pioneer Woman today, and I just couldn't resist trying them!

They turned out great- even though I used 3/4 cups of honey instead of 1 cup sugar, and I only had a scant 1/4 cup of maple syrup.

Plus, I added double the chocolate chips. Yum. ;)

So, after taste-testing them with my daycare after-schooler (dunked in milk, of course!) I thought, "Hey, what a great diet-table recipe for convention!"

Made doubly great because I made mine out of spelt flour.



Nikki said...

MMMmmmm, that sounds so yummy. I'm so busy this year, I don't think I"ll be making any baked goods, but I will be bringing my tomato, cucumber, and summer squash surplus up on Sunday. Hopefully they can find a few good uses for them!

Jennifer said...

I know! I'm kind of scrambling to get the bread I promised made, but I'll get it done I think. It helps that I'm back to one full time child most days again- of course the check book doesn't think it's helping, but it's either: have the time to get things like this done, or make more money- doesn't seem like I can do both at the same time. ;) Hope everyone's feeling better at your house! :)