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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New In the Shop!

Nap Mats!

Our Nap Mats
are approximately 43in. long by 28in. wide.

They're so cute and, (according to the daycare kids who've been using their own for a few years now) extremely comfy! :)

Made of cotton, and filled with 100% Polyester batting, they feature long velcro "ties" so they can be rolled up for easy storage.

Great for taking to kindergarten, daycare, or grandma and grandpa's house. :)

Each mat has an attatched pillow- all your child needs is their blankie and they're ready for nap or rest time.

Each mat also has a velcro tab cover that closes over the "scratchy" velcro side of the ties, to prevent the velcro from snagging and catching on other clothing/items in the wash.

100% Machine washable and dryable.

Today we've added three new mats:

Purple Princess

Thomas the Train

and, Diego!

So, hop on over to the shop and check them out! :)