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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Sorry for the days-long absence.

Not a lot is happening for us these days, and it's hard to feel "inspired" to write anything.

Mom and I are still working on the "business plan" for the shop, and I'm working on cutting and putting together some of the blocks, bibs, napkins, and placemats we'll be starting off with.

We have tons of ideas of items to make and sell in our shop, but we're starting off slow so as not to bite off more than we can chew (so-to-speak).

Our next big "project" to work on designing and making a pattern for is a cloth-diapering friendly diaper bag. Nikki has had some great ideas to get us started, and so the ideas are flowing. :)

I'm also still trying to get my Preschool Playgroup going. I've had some inquiries, but so far I only have one child enrolled. Hopefully it will work out- the income is definitely needed right now, and it seems that the only childcare calls I get are for families with 3 or more children in need of care (which don't seem to end up working out when they realize how much that would cost- yikes!), or for babies or little ones under 2 years old (my two families both had babies in December, and we could wind up with our baby any day, so my "under 2" spots are full!) So, we'll see what works out.

Pete left on Monday for a trip for work in Michigan. Twelve hour drive- yuck.

He's hoping to be home again by Monday of next week. Although he's said he might only get to be home for about a week before they send him back again.

But, don't complain, right? :)

Really, we're lucky- he has great job security right now, and we'll still manage to make the ends meet (though they won't be over lapping by any means!) even if my little business ventures don't pan out. :D

"Stay on the sunny side, the sunny side of life"...right? ;)

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