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Monday, February 16, 2009

Yay For Valentine's Day!

Well, folks, the Valentine's Day I wasn't looking forward to turned into the best one yet!

I was sad about Valentine's Day this year, because the hubby was supposed to be out of town for it.

We didn't have a lot planned, but it was going to be the perfect "day off".

We were originally going to g0 out to eat somewhere Friday night, then sleep in Saturday to our little hearts content (Ah...I love sleep so.), then have a movie marathon and Chinese take-out (my FAVORITE!!!). Add in a little chocolate and the Valentine's Day cards and, voila! The perfect day!

Until Pete's work decided to send him 12 hours away for a week. Bleck.

So, there I was wondering what to do with myself for Valentine's Day.

Well, at 3:00 in the morning I got a phone call- "Hi honey, it's me. I need you not to freak out about what I'm going to tell you."
I'm immediately thinking, "Oh no! He's dying! Something happened! Aaaacckk!"
But no, he says-"I'm home and I'm coming in the back door. So don't freak out, ok?"

Sigh of relief! But I was very happy to have my hubby back!

I woke up to a sweet card and a dozen red roses. :)

Then (at a much more reasonable hour) he took me to my knitting class, and while I was there he went and did all of our grocery shopping for the week for me!

What a sweet heart. :)

After my class we had a late lunch at Red Lobster (one of my other favorites- I love their Rainbow Trout), and when we came home he "found" a package addressed to me on our door step.

He had apparently arranged ahead of time to have one of those "Pajama Grams" mailed to me, since he was supposed to have been gone for Valentine's Day.

He picked some really comfy ones, and even got the right size! :)
And, it didn't hurt that he sent me chocolate with them too.

So, my day was great after all.

I hope yours was too. :)