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Friday, November 21, 2008

I Love My Mother in Law

That long, drawn out, whispering sound that you hear?

That's my very pent-up sigh of relief.

The stereotypical "wife and mother in law don't get along" thing?

So completely not even remotely close to my situation!


I ran to her, with my tangled up mess of a sewing machine, and she very calmly looks the situation over.

We try this and that- no luck.

Very shortly into the Examination of the Mess, she asks "Are you sure it's threaded right?"

"Well, of course! I just threaded it myself, very carefully following all the instructions, step by step, right before this whole mess began!"

"Okay, so how does it thread?"

(I show her.)

"So then, shouldn't the thread be in this little loop here?"

"What.... oh."

"Okay, now try it."

Voila, my friends- voila.

Mental note: Always check the most stupidly obvious things first.

And, it's so very nice that she just smiles at me and says "I've done that before too."

She promised not to tell anyone what a dope I was. Whew! So, now my secret is safe.



emjs181 said...

hee hee... glad you got that solved! She is pretty great isn't she? Mom has been untangling my messes (both literally and figuratively) for years. Don't know what I'd do without her!


haha! I felt your pain when I saw that photo! My curtain making experience this summer was a trial of my patience and more time spent figuring out what was wrong with the machine (broken needles most of the time) than actually sewing! ;-) But don't give gets better with time! :-) x

Jennifer said...

Haha! Thanks guys. :D

It's going MUCH smoother now. Can't wait to "unveil" the finished product soon!

Nikki said...

She's a good one! Glad your sewing projects are coming along...can't wait to see what you're making!