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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

I was much too lulled by the warm, mild, perfect and beautiful fall we had- I'm just not ready to suddenly be so chilly!

Today's high is 36, and we'll be having a nice winter-y mix of rain and snow all day.

Big sigh...

I don't hate winter- at first.
In fact, for the first 6 weeks or so, I kind of like it!
After that, all bets are off.

It just gets too cold, and too dreary.

Thank goodness we don't live in a state where the winter lasts even longer!
I'd never make it.

It makes me wish, so so very much, that we had a fire place or a wood stove in our home.
How lovely it would be to just curl up in front of the fire, enjoy some hot cocoa or warm tea, be wrapped up in my favorite sweatshirt and warm fuzzy socks, and have my cozy blanket and a good book with me.

Ah, if only! Maybe one of these days.

We are trying to conserve this winter, and we'll be trying to keep the heat down
a bit more than we used to.

Mind you, we'll be keeping it at about 68 degrees during the day, and 60 at night, so we won't be freezing by any means- but I'm the type of person who likes to be WARM.
Really, really warm!

I'm that girl who has to wear long sleeves in the summer, and have a sweat shirt handy, because I freeze to death in the grocery store. Or in a restaurant. Or at the movies.

You know- THAT girl.

So, I'll be investing in some more "winter wear"- you know, warm socks, sweats, long underwear, and pretty much anything with "wool" listed on the tag!

The windows in our little old house have definitely seen better days-
they're old, peeling, and extremely drafty, so dressing in layers will be a must.

I'm going to start thinking warm thoughts!

Stay warm, and have a great day!


Nikki said...

Brrrr. I hear you on the fireplace. We had one where we lived in Washington and I loved it. Maybe in our dream house..... :-) I highly recommend Cuddle Duds....I think I got mine at Younkers. They're thin and smooth, so they feel luxurious, but they are really warm when you layer over them. Stay warm!

Jennifer said...

I'll have to look for those, Nikki! I got some soft merino wool blend socks from Wal-Mart the other day, so I'm nice and cozy today. :)