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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Help Me, Rhonda (or anyone else, for that matter)!

Okie, dokie.

After living in this house for, oh, about 6 1/2 years, it's time to PAINT!

Truth be told, I did paint not long after we moved in, but I bought cheap Wal-Mart paint (and picked some, shall we say "interesting"?, colors) that hasn't held up over the years.

So, after much deliberation (sigh... you have no idea how painstakingly difficult the process of picking- and committing to!- a paint color is for me!!!), the color palette has been chosen!

(Drum-roll please........)

The walls:

Pinon Seed

The trim:

Bright White

The "accents":


The question is, the floor.  

The poor, un-finishable, uncovered wood floor.

We've decided to paint it too (one day laminate "wood" will take it's place, but until then...).

So, the question is this- should the floor become "Forget-Me-Not" blue, or some kind of blondish-oak brown?  Or, what about a gray?

Would so much brown with brown be too, I don't know... blah?

Would the light blue or gray be a major hassle to keep looking clean?  

Would such a light shade show every scuff and scratch?

Here's an idea of what (I hope) it might look like with gray or the blue paint (minus the cool stuff, hehe- and with brown walls)...

(Granted, we will be using actual floor paint, so no matter the color it should hold up fairly well-
at least, we hope.)

Thoughts?  Comments?  Talented decorators willing to work for free?

Again I say, HELP!


Erica said...

my question why not get some stain. I thought Pete was anti-painting wood?

I would do gray or white (if the paint is the easy clean kind) Look on, they have a thing called rate my space you can see real peoples rooms, not just the rooms that have the gazillion dollar decorating budgets.

Jennifer said...

To stain it we have to sand it- the whole floor. And patch the broken-ish spots. We're painting it.

Anonymous said...

I like green :) I think green walls with a brown wood floor would look classy! But green is not an umm I don't know!! No said you wanted help so here is advice...aka the no offense part! Pick colors that are pretty and neat! ha! I am a teen..and forget me not is not my color! Soo...I would say forget me! Just forget my whole comment! :) See you soon!!

Jennifer said...

Green's nice too- it's in a lot of other areas of our house. :)

Sarah said...

Forget-me-not blue, end of story :D.

Sarah said...

Forget-me-not blue, end of story :D.

Wifey said...

Have you chosen yet? I would say depends on the look you want. I think the golden would make it warmer and the forget me not would make it look cooler. Two totally different looks. I'm sure either one would be fine. Good luck! And have fun!


Jennifer said...

Thanks! I'm really leaning towards the "Forget Me Not"- possibly in a lighter shade, though... :)