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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Regan's Room

Construction, or de-construction I should say, hasn't begun for Regan's room yet, but I'm happy to report that I'm finally starting to "see" it coming together in my head.

Yesterday, while shopping- at Target 
(sigh... I have such a love/hate relationship with that store.  I love their STUFF, but I hate how easy it is for me to spend money there!)-
I found the cutest bedding set called "Love & Nature" in the girls' section.  

Kind of girly, but not too girly.

It has the cutest woodland animals in it- little owls and hedgehogs, and birdies and toadstools.

Anyway, to buy the whole set is way too expensive (not to mention a little to matchy-matchy) for me, so I only bought some "inspiration".

An owl pillow,

(Image from

a cute, cute set of multi-colored polka dot sheets,
(Image from

and this set of wall decals.

(Image from

I'm mostly using the sheets as inspiration for what to do/make/buy next for the room.  

(Did I mention they're cute?)

They have a wide enough range of colors that it would be easy to add some boy stuff  if our next little one is a boy, and enough colors not to make the room look too girly-girl (bleck!).

I'll call it all part of her birthday- have to justify spending on it somehow, right?  ;)

Now, to find the time and money for hubby to start the remodel job...


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Anonymous said...

Cute! Are you going to have another kid?! See you soon?! :)

Jennifer said...

Haha, no Emily- not yet anyway. :) We'll see you at Boyden! :)

Anonymous said...

Too bad...