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Thursday, July 1, 2010

A POX on our house!!!

Yep, that's right- Chicken Pox that is.

Regan has it.  

I have no idea how or where she contracted it, being that she's home with me, not in a daycare or childcare setting, and that we're pretty much home-bodies (unless we're visiting family- which we've done several times just lately).

But, have it she does!  She's doing pretty well so far- no fever yet, just continuing to slowly show more of the blistery little bumps here and there.  She's, for the most part, not even crabby- but I (as the mommy) can tell that she's just not quite her usual self.

I'm actually rather happy (gasp! I know- bad mommy!) that she's got it- we're not big into the whole vaccination thing in general, and I've heard (both from friends and the doctor) and read that the shot isn't nearly as good- and not as permanent- as getting the "wild" version.  Don't get me wrong- I really feel for her and the possible suffering she may yet be going through before it's all said and done- but it's (for the most part) a harmless childhood disease that only makes its "victims" suffer more the older they are when they get it.

We've been told that babies generally get the most mild cases, and that to get it as a teenager or adult can not only cause a lot more suffering, but also brings with it the risk of more complications- like pneumonia.

So, we're pox-ed.

The next 7-10 days look like they'll be spent here at home.
(While we aren't worried about Chicken Pox ourselves, we respect that it is very contagious and that there are many families who would rather their children not get it.)

Apparently those who are pox-ed are contagious until the spots are all gone- and, at least until a child is covered with the things, the Pox seem to be quite elusive.  I haven't yet been able to get a good picture of my chubby little baby's polka-dotted legs.


Oh well- looks like a lot more cuddle time is in our very near future.


Erica said...

Can I come cuddle? I miss my most favorite baby girl. :)

Janna said...

terrible mom I was, I enjoyed(sometimes) when the kid didn't feel well as they were so can get ch. pox from someone who has shingles but it takes contact to their had 'em b-4 Father's Day. Another day(s) in the life with Baby!!

Anonymous said...

Poor girl!! Have fun cuddling!!