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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Something New... Again

I'm back!

And I'm sick.

Since Sunday I've been feeling, well, YUCKY.  Sore throat, sore ears, cough- all the typical "yuckiness" symptoms.

I finally gave in and went to see the doctor today.  Normally I try to tough it out, eat well, get enough liquids and rest, use home/ homeopathic remedies to get over whatever needs getting over, but this time I gave in.  I've been feeling tired and sort of yucky/draggy on and off for several months now, and I'm just tired of it!

Before Regan was born, and especially before I was pregnant (oh, that severe morning sickness- it can sap you of your desire to eat right and bring you crashing down to the "just survive" level of things), I had a very strict, but very healthy diet going on.  Since giving birth I have tried to keep up with a good diet- eating for two still, and all- but I just don't have the energy that I used to (even with a baby that sleeps well at night, parenthood is a, wonderful but, draining job!)- and so I've fallen rather far from where I was nutritionally.  Before, I felt so energetic- since my diet has slowly begun to change, for the worse I'm afraid, I've continued to feel more and more run down.

Eating right is important!  Not only for myself and my myriad of allergy related issues, but now for my little family too.  I read so much about getting children started off right nutritionally, and I want, not only for my child but for myself, to thrive!  I want that pep back in my step!  I want the energy to tackle my daily, weekly, and summer to-do lists!  And I don't want to worry about whether or not Regan is getting the best nutrition possible from me- plus my girl is just now beginning to venture out into the world of solid foods, and I want to make sure the transition is as nutritious as it can be.  It's all about preventative health care in my book- eat right, feel right, and (hopefully) the body will work right.

So, it's yet another "something new" that I've decided to tackle- incorporating a more "raw foods" approach to our diet, and making some (I hope yummy) Green Smoothies.  I've been hearing about them here, here, and here- a lot just recently, it would seem!  Also, I've been intrigued over these last several months to learn more about this "Raw Food" thing.  It all started with my reading of this great book- "The Raw Food Detox Diet".

As I said, I'm intrigued.

So, wish me luck- I'm hoping to somehow scrape up the energy to do what I need to do to try this Green Smoothie thing out and, hopefully, this Raw Food thing too!

I'm a bit intimidated by it all- I definitely want to feel better, but can I really muster up the effort it takes to do it?  Then again, can I really afford not to?  Hmmmm.

Once again....  We Shall See.

Here's to feeling better!


Nikki said...

Good luck with your venture! My advice would be...go slowly, and build up to your "perfect" diet. Even a few little changes are better than nothing! And from a nutrition point of view (you probably know all this but I gotta use my degree for something, right? :-) raw foods such as fruits and vegees are great, and eating lots of them is wonderful and very good for you. But don't forget to include plenty of protein for both you and baby and enough fat and calories (from healthy sources of course!) for baby.....she needs those to grow!

That being said...would you like to come and pick some strawberries? How about some snap peas? They're all organically grown and I've got more than I can use!!!!

Jennifer said...

Yummy Nikki! I'd love to come and get some- hope you'll still have some next week! And, yes I definitely agree about the protein and fats- I don't want to go vegetarian, just looking for the "detoxing" part for now I think. I think my body has had enough of me eating poorly, and it's trying to tell me so! :)

Jane said...

I have confidence in you, Jenni! You've proven several times that when you make your mind up to do something you stick to it. You can do it!

Give "the little monkey" a hug for me!