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Friday, September 18, 2009

Room Update 4

Get ready
(I know, it's loooong overdue!)-

this is going to be a picture-only post!

(Sorry for the delay- BUT, I finally found my digital camera/computer card reader again!)



Erica said...

That is so nice.

But please tell me that Pete used a shop vac this time for the mess and not your good vacume cleaner.

I really like that color by the way.

Mariah said...

Wow! You guys have come so far!!

Jennifer said...

Yes, thanks to mom & dad, he never has to (under threat of DEATH!!!) use my good vacuum cleaner for his messes again! :)

Erica said...

Hey, is he standing in the basement in some of those pics? I didn't relize that that room opened into the stairway. Or is it just from tearing out the walls that it opened up to the stairway?

Jennifer said...

Yep, he's standing over the basement stairs in some of them. It only opened into the basement stairwell when there wasn't any drywall there- our bedroom wall is on the other side of the basement stairwell.

Kathy said...

It looks GREAT!
Good job Pete!

Nikki said...

Too cool Jenni! Great to see such progress. Isn't living with the mess fun? They're putting new windows in my house this nice to have but such a mess! It looks great....hope your in by the end of the week!