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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Headed Out!

Well, I'm headed out to convention today, so no WIP post.

I'll post plenty of pictures when I get back- of the room, of the baby blanket I was suddenly inspired to begin knitting, and (maybe? possibly?) some more cloth wipes or kids' napkins.

*I really do need to get to work on the wipes- we were informed not to be too surprised if little Miss shows up a bit early!*

In the mean time- happy, happy days to you!

AND, an especially happy day to Sarah on Friday!

Happy 27th!!!!
(I've been waiting all year to post this picture, hehehehe!)



Erica said...

ok she can come early just NOT the weekend of Oct. 10th.

(ok worst case senareio we drag out the move)

Jennifer said...

Yep, that'd be about two weeks before. Which is around when they said to start "expecting" her. :D

Kathy K said...

Cute cake! Where'd you come up with it?

Jennifer said...

Haha- I found the picture online almost a year ago- had to save it just for Sarah! ;)

Sarah said...

It's what I always wanted! Love it and love you. See you again soon.