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Friday, January 9, 2009


(My apologies on today's post- the linking is seriously messed up. Grrr.)

The first of the seed catalogs came today!

I'm like
Nikki, and can't wait to get planning!

This year I want to focus on:

*Getting enough amount and variety planted that we can- for the most part- NOT have to buy it this summer.

*Do what I can to grow truly organic crops.

Call me crazy if you want to, but with all my little weird food sensitivities, allergies, and nutty little problems, I've been wondering more and more over the years if any of them could have been caused by the abundance of chemicals in our world.

Like, Genetically Modified food crops made into foods that I buy at the store and eat.

Or "stuff" that's in our soils and water due to years of pesticides, man-made fertilizers, etc., etc.

And then, of course, I watched this

and wondered even more. :D

So, this year I'm hoping to buy (at least some) organic seeds to do our edible gardening with.

Anyone know of any good organic seed companies, with relatively low prices?

(That's always the tricky part- at least for me- cost effective organics.)

Leave me a comment with your tips and tricks!

Especially on how to harvest your own seeds for next year- I can't afford to buy all organics, and I certainly can't afford to buy them every year, so I want to harvest our own organic seeds each year to use the next time.

Hopefully in the next month or so (depending on how long they take), I'll be starting my little seed pots.


Nikki said...

I wouldn't worry about buying organic SEEDS, just make sure you get heirloom varieties and then you can save the seeds for next year and they'll be true to type. You can't save seeds from hybrids. I suggest Brandywine for tomatoes, for example. Gurney's is a nice cheap mail order place to buy quality seeds, and they have many heirloom varieties. Have fun garden dreaming!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the tip! :D