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Monday, January 19, 2009

Being Honest

So, I'm going to attempt to continue blogging- not because I have much to say, but because I think it's become good for me.

Kind of like a strange combination of chatting with a friend and journaling.

So, I'll try.

I guess I felt like maybe I wouldn't be able to post anything for awhile because I intentionally work to keep this blog as my "happy place".

But, being honest, we- as normal, everyday people- aren't always "happy".

It's not that I'm particularly "unhappy", it's more just that, right now, I'm really stressed out.

A very large UNKNOWN has been added to our pile with the way our adoption process is currently standing, and it's a very big stressor.

But I'm so, so thankful for the reminders I've gotten just lately that, "it's okay."

Our Sunday morning meeting was so very good and encouraging.

And our Sunday gospel meeting was too.

And because of them, I was reminded that it IS okay- because I have the very best comfort source available.

I need to be even more diligent these days about reading and praying-
because it's so many things- a comfort, a source of peace, a "lifesaver" :), and it helps me keep it in perspective- that my life is just so tiny in comparison to God, and He loves me, and He knows my need. And, no matter how "good" the natural things are I want in life, my spiritual needs must always, always, come first. And, for me anyway, sometimes the natural struggle can get so "up close and personal" that I can forget that.

Plus, as I was so kindly reminded by someone who loves both my hubby and me :),
life must go on.

I've kind of had the tendency to want to put anything "nonessential" on hold until we figure out how our family is going to be added to.

But, life must go on.

And, in the mean time, God will work His plan- and it will be so much easier on me if I don't get in the way! :D

So, to those who do read my little blog, thanks for caring for us.
We really, really appreciate it.

And, I think today is a good day to get right back into the knitting game!



Nikki said...

Good to see you back blogging! Keep your chin up! I'm really looking forward to our Wed. knitting session :-)


Yay! So glad to see you're posting again! :-) We really do care and hope everything works out soon! xxx

Jennifer said...

Thank you. :)