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Monday, March 28, 2011

Hello, World!

Oh, my goodness!

After two weeks of being sick (first Reg, then myself), I am finally, FINALLY, starting to feel a little like my normal self again!

Sigh...  :)

Anyway, while I work towards getting our little family back into a nice rhythm and routine around here, I wanted to pop in and share an article that I am really loving today.

"Why 'Living Simply' Isn't Simple At All" is featured today on the Frugal Granola website (one of my favorites).

So, enjoy!

P.S. WHERE did spring go?!  We're expecting a couple of inches of snow here by the middle of the week.  I'm a bit put out with that ground hog.
P.P.S.  When did so many people decide this little, silly, blog was something to be interested in?!  My goodness!  Welcome, though, if you've decided to spend your time here.  :)

Until another day- on which I hope to have caught up a bit with all we've been missing here for the last two weeks- have a happy week!


Mulberry Mama said...

We're always interested in your life! :-)

Did you make R's sweater? It's SO cute!!!

Jennifer said...

Ha! Thanks. ;) No, I didn't make it- found it at the Sioux Falls sale last year (or was it Once Upon a Child?) and couldn't pass it up. :)