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Friday, January 8, 2010


Well, I'm a week late in sharing my New Year's Resolutions for 2010, but that's because I've been thinking long and hard about them. About what I want this year- about what I want out of life in general. I've discovered that I'm inspired by the blogs/lives/pictures of others- other women (mostly here on the web) who are working at home, being with their families, raising their children, making it by hand, baking it, making it from scratch. Reading their words and looking at their pictures makes me feel more....centered. Gives me a clearer vision of what I want our life to be.

And so, here goes:

In 2010 I Want:

-To begin to truly learn what it is to live simply.

That's it.
But, to me, it's a biggie. And, I think it entails smaller resolutions like the following:

-To pare down our belongings.
(Do I really need three great big cooking pots? Or 10 flower vases, when I rarely put out fresh flowers? Hmmmm.)

-To live by the "Less Is More" mentality.

-To create things by hand.

-To start recycling again.

-To find a way to work ourselves into a daily rhythm- one that involves a regular housework schedule.
(Ahem! That's something that's rather spotty around here!)

-To stay home more.

-To grow (and tend to!) a food garden.

-To (successfully) can or freeze our extra garden produce.

-To cook and bake more.

-To spend less.
(On everything. Food, clothes, entertainment- all of it.)

-To stay on our (very strict) budget.

-To remember that "it" won't be this way forever.
(I have many "it"s- feeling frazzled and overwhelmed from running a daycare and caring for a small baby of my own, keeping up with the house, the budget, the schedule, etc., etc.)

-To knit more.

-To sew more.

-To make sure it's not an option to NOT do something I LOVE everyday.
(It makes me a happier person and, by extension, a better wife & mommy.)

So, what about you?
What are you resolving to do in 2010?


Erica said...

To get out of DEBT!!!!!!

(BTW if you are letting go of a big cooking pan one can come live with me:)

Mariah said...

Yes. I still have about 6-7 9x13 pans from our wedding gift stash. I use probably 3 of them.. and never all at one time!