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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One Small Change

So far, so good!

I'm doing well, so far, at getting rid of a few things each day. I have to say, it feels really good to actually look for things to either toss or stick in the garage sale box in the basement!

Today's five were:
Junk Mail, Small Drawstring Bag, Left-over Diapers (disposables! I'd never toss my cloth!), 2 Broken Toys, and 7 Magazines.

I realize that's actually 12+ items, not 5, but I was a bit behind from Sunday. ;)

It's kind of fun, getting rid of things- it's sort of like being able to take a deep breath.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Feels so good! :)

On another note (well, pretty related actually), this sounds pretty cool!

Our change for January? Sewing our own cloth diapers instead of buying disposables or buying pre-made cloth. This is good, because we aren't spending as much (per diaper), we're not contributing to adding grossness ;) to the landfills (and, by extension, water supply), and buying cloth diaper fabric online once a month uses less fuel to be delivered to us than when we were ordering a couple of diapers a week to add to our stash. I can make several diapers out of one yard of fabric, which is one delivery trip from the postal service rather than several a month.

How 'bout you? Wanna join in the fun? Go sign up at Hip Mountain Mama!

I'll let you all know how the diaper sewing goes (gulp!).

Wish me luck!


Hip Mountain Mama said...

Thanks for joining! Your first change sounds so awesome! Good luck!

Erica said...

Good luck. (I am guessing you probably don't want the luvs sample i got in the mail the other day then. I really don't know how I get on these lists I don't even have kids.

Christina said...

Every room we redue or some kind of construction, i have been getting rid of (putting in a box for garage sale or giving to friends and family) does feel so good!!! I even told Jon that we have a new rule in the house if you buy new clothes you have to get rid of that many clothes in your closet as you bought!!! Or what ever we buy :)