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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

21 Day Organizing Challenge- Challenge 1, Organize the Junk Drawer

Well, already I'm bending the rules.  ;)

But, the organizing of *A* drawer was a success- and it was looking pretty "junky", so I guess that counts!

Let me introduce, our first bathroom drawer.

And, the counter directly above it...

"Oy vay!", you say?  I agree.

Anyway, following the step by step directions, I organized away.

I'm estimating this took me, maybe 20 min. tops- including toddler interruptions.

And the result is...

a neatly organized drawer, including pretty patterned paper underneath.  :D

Oh, and a much clearer countertop...

with toddler hair things all corralled in one basket now.

*Happy sigh*

One step at a time, I think I can do this.


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