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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Purging of The Stuff- Day One (and a super-fast update)

Well, we're back from MN, the sister is all better (mostly), and life is getting back to normal!

The baby (sigh...a toddler really, who am I kidding?!) is beginning to transition into sleeping through the night (at least, that's the parent-plan...) thanks to help from miss Elizabeth Pantley's book.  Wow- love it!

And, the Purging of The Stuff has officially begun!

For about 3 years now I've been making the same New Year's resolution- get organized!
After reading another great book, Simplicity Parenting (best. parenting. book. ever!), I finally decided, "This is ridiculous!  I know we have too much stuff.  And I know I'm not succeeding at getting, or keeping, it all organized!  So, it's time to get rid of it.  A LOT of it!"

Thus, The Purging of The Stuff.

Today was Day One.  

It went slower than I'd like.  But, then again, I do have two little un-doers that follow me around all day!  ;)

I've currently got a box going for adult clothes, baby clothes, and household misc.  I'm going to try selling what I can (we're also working on the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University right now, so any extra $$ we can scrape together is going towards getting our "debt snowball" rolling), then donating the rest to Goodwill or giving it away to someone who needs it.

Next on the list is to pare down the following:

*cloth diaper stash
*dishes & utensils
*pots & pans
*continue going through the clothes
*kitchen "stuff"
*blankets & misc. bedding
*do a second go-through of the toys

...and so on and so forth.

It's hard though- I'm so used to hanging onto stuff for a "rainy day" or "someday".

But, I keep trying to focus on how much easier it's going to be to keep my house a home once all the extra is gone.

Then the task will be to keep it gone.

We'll see how that goes...



Mariah Baseman {Baseman Studios Photography} said...

I love when you write about your goals and share how you're accomplishing them. I could stand to do that in my basement... it's way too easy to stuff things away, thinking you'll use them in the future. Maybe I'll attack the basement in January, since I'm predicting a slow month. :)

Keep at it... and thanks for sharing!

Jess, Sam, Elyse & Hadley Mickle said...

let me know what you are getting rid of in that cloth diaper stash. :) I really really need to go thru the basement totes and get rid of lots. it is ridiculous!

Erica said...


We did this both times we moved.


Jennifer said...

Thanks, Mariah! :)

Will do, Sam! Good luck! :)