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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Packing Up, and Heading Out

Well, today will be spent (mostly, I hope) packing for our trip to St. Paul to visit my baby sister.

We're leaving tomorrow morning, after some other errands are done, and away we will go!

My mom and grandma will be joining us tonight, and all four of us- six month old included!- will be making the trip together.  It should be a really fun time!  I'll get to see my little Ceiba puppy again (Koa enjoys "missing" her from afar ;) ), and see what all the fuss is about in the "big" city.  :)  It's kind of funny how life turns out sometimes- as kids she and I, our parents, and pretty much anyone else who knew us well, thought Erica (my sis) would be the "country mouse" and I would be the "city mouse".  Nope.  Erica loves the city life, and Pete and I wouldn't trade Po-Dunk Ville for anything (except maybe an acreage of our own one of these days).

We're planning on doing some thrift shopping, yarn looking, tennis shoe buying, six month picture taking, and who knows what else while we're there.  :)  And, since there will be extra hands to hold her and new and exciting distractions to distract her, I'm hoping to get some knitting of my own done for a special bride-to-be's bridal shower gift.  We shall see.

I won't be cloth diapering while we're gone (I'm really starting to miss our cloth diapers!  They've been in the "shop" for a while for some much needed repairing, and for the trip we won't have free laundry facilities available.), but I do really like the Seventh Generation disposables we've been using in the mean time.  I love that I don't have to worry about exposing Regan to any dangerous chemicals (Dioxin, anyone?!) by using them, and that- when they eventually reach the landfill- they'll biodegrade one day, while most other disposables won't (at least not for about 400 years or so...).  We'll be using disposable wipes too (only makes sense if we aren't doing laundry), and in the future I'm thinking of buying the Seventh Generation wipes too, since they're alcohol and chlorine free- nice for my sensitive skinned girl. 

And, while I'm yakking about baby products anyway, I might as well mention my (so far) favorite brand of baby skin care stuff- California Baby!  I love their Calendula Everyday Lotion (it smells good, makes her skin soft, and gets rid of her little eczema patches without leaving a greasy feeling), and their Calming Diaper Rash Cream (again, smells so good, and gets rid of any rash right away).  And, of course, no yucky chemicals!  :)

And, one of my newly discovered favorite sites-!  So, so simple and easy- and (in my opinion) cheap.  :)  And, I've been finding their coupons here and there recently, so woo-hoo!  :)

Anyway, I do need to "unplug" and get moving on the packing situation.  

We'll be needing to make a Target run on our way out of town, as I made the mistake of taking Regan's favorite (I know, at this early age you wouldn't think there would be "favorites" yet, right?) toy- her soft, chewable "Look Book" photo album with us to the park yesterday.  It's the one toy we own that, for whatever reason, keeps her occupied for a nice stretch at a time.  She started to fuss in the stroller, so I whipped it out for her to play with- yay! I was so proud of my brilliant planning-ahead!- and it never made it home again.  Oops.  I think it got chucked over the side (Little Miss's current favorite activity) when I wasn't looking.  I tremble in fear at the thought of keeping her quiet during meeting on Sunday morning without it.  

Oh dear.

Wish us luck!  It's a six hour drive on a good day- not including any diaper, nursing, or cranky baby breaks.


Melissa Pennington said...

Wow! Sounds like a fun trip! Hope you all have a wonderful time and that it all goes smoothly!! :)

Kathy said...

It was fun! BUT Nana Kathy is now
exhausted and ready for bed!