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Friday, July 3, 2009

6 Months And "The One"

Well, we are now into our sixth month!
Looking back on all our previous losses it seems almost unreal to be this far along.
Things are going so well, and much more quickly than I anticipated!

I think I may be starting to enter that "nesting stage" I've heard so much about.
I'm chomping at the bit to get our master bedroom finished (it needs a complete re-do, from walls to flooring), so we can move into it (baby will be sharing a room with us for the first few months), thus giving us room to finish her actual bedroom (it also needs a complete re-do; floors, walls, everything).

The frustrating thing is, I can't do a thing on either of those projects- it's all hubby's domain.
I am doing my part in trying to get all of the non-essentials moved to the basement (whew- which is a whole 'nother organizational disaster area) so he can get started, but when it comes to the actual labor of working on the rooms- I'm benched.

So, I've been doing my darndest to get the rest of my "nest" organized.
I've gone basket crazy I think- our house came as a true blank slate- not even any built-in storage space (you know, a linen closet would be divine- come to think of it, an actual full-size closet itself would be wonderful- all of ours seem to have been built out of whatever nook or cranny was left), so baskets have become my friends.
The idea is to, in the end (I'm hoping by my due date!), have a house that looks calm and comfortable inside, where everything has a home of its own.

We'll see how that goes.

In other news, I do believe we have found "The One" when it comes to the name we've chosen for the baby.
I will add the disclaimer that this could possibly change when she's born- you never know, we could have a miraculous flash of enlightenment and find that some other name we'd never considered works better-
but baring that, this little one's name will be...

(Any of you out there who may find this name distasteful in any way, please keep your comments to yourself.
We're not asking for opinions, just sharing with you.)

As for a middle name, we like the idea of our first girl sharing mine (Kail- pronounced "Kyle"), and our first boy sharing Pete's (Roy).
Both are family names that have a lot of significance for us, and we're excited to share them with the next generation! :)

And, in still further news (not baby-related), our Etsy shop is finally up and running!
My mom and I have been slowly working on this little project of ours,
Mama & Nonni Handmades,
since the first part of the year- and finally we're seeing progress! :)

There's a clickable link on the left side of the blog, if anyone is interested in checking our little shop out.

That's all for now, I guess.

Happy (belated) 4th of July!


Erica said...

Hey I love your baskets.
If Pete is ok with FAKE (dark drama music following that) IKEA has really good deals on wood floors. (Even Dad was impressed and he basically hated IKEA)

If you want to bring examples of the esty things to Mom and Dad's at the first of Aug. we can do product pics.Just e-mail me.

Wifey said...

I like the name... not that you care, but how do you pronounce it?

eeee or ay , or am I way off on both?

Just curious.

Jennifer said...

Thanks! :) It's "Ray"gan. Isn't it funny how some people have to tell you, "Oh, no. That's not a good name at all!" :)