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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

August 16th was Pete's and my 5th anniversary. We went to Omaha to celebrate it, took the camera, and (of course) forgot to take any pictures while we were there! Oh well, it was a nice, relaxing and refreshing weekend.

We enjoyed the zoo, going out to eat, being lazy in the hotel (we didn't see anything we liked at the movie complex, so we played it really lazy by renting one in our hotel room and laying around in our jammies), getting together with our friend Melissa, her two cuties, and her brother Cole, and walking around the Old Market- where we stopped to check out an antiques store (no, he didn't let me buy anything- not even the way cool wooden porch swing for the porch we don't yet have!) and enjoyed some frozen treats from Maggie Moo's (some sort of berry ice cream concoction for him, and frozen raspberry sorbet for me). Again, too bad we didn't get any pictures. I'll have to find a moment to try and take a (good) picture of the two of us to post. :)

Happy Anniversary Pete! I love you- xoxoxo. :D

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